Pharmacist Starting Salary

Because a pharmacist has many tasks aside from giving prescribed medicines to patients, a pharmacist starting salary is quite huge. Pharmacists also advise patients about the proper medication they need based on their health condition and the side effects and benefits of such medication. He also discusses the right dosage of a medicine.

Average Pharmacist Starting Salary

As of 2009, a pharmacist starting salary is $71,970 to $99,160 per year. If one earns a work experience of 2 decades or more, he will get an annual salary of $106,109. The salary also depends on the kind of industry and the city, state and region he works in.

The type of industry will have an effect on a pharmacist’s starting salary. A retail pharmacist usually has a better annual salary at $102,564. Those working in a hospital earn the least at $89,432. Those working in health care service average $92,973 a year while those who work in pharmacies get $94,803. Those working in pharmaceutical companies receive $97,062 while those employed in a retail drugstore pharmacy obtain an annual wage of $98,421.

 Pharmacist Starting Salary by State and City

Pharmacist Starting Salary

Pharmacist Starting Salary

The beginning salary of a pharmacist also depends on the state he works in. In California, the salary is $101,155 per year while a pharmacist working in Illinois receives $98,725 per year. In Texas and New York, the respective salaries are $89,430 and $89,914. Those working in the state of Georgia earn $90,056 a year while those working in Pennsylvania receive an annual pay of $92,908.

The starting salary of a pharmacist also depends on the city he works in. Those working in San Francisco earn $101,736 yearly while those working in Los Angeles earn $100,671 a year. New York City offers $95,067 per year to pharmacists while Chicago offers $96,562. Those working in Pittsburgh earn $87,921, Boston at $85,814 and Atlanta at $90,000 a year. In Phoenix, a pharmacist has a starting salary from $88,000 to $122,000.

 Higher Pharmacist Starting Salary Regions

The southwest and the southeast regions in the U.S. have high pharmacist starting salary in both institutional and retail. In the southeast region, retail pharmacists get an average of $92,832. Institutional pharmacists on the other hand receive $100,298 in the said region. Retail pharmacists working in the southwest obtain an average salary of $94,000 a year an institutional pharmacists meanwhile receive $98,085.

A pharmacist who has just graduated can apply at different pharmacies in the U.S. As of January 2011, it was Wal-Mart Pharmacy that paid the highest starting salary at around $61,000 to $121,500. This was followed by Rite Aid Pharmacy at almost $72,400 to $115,000. CVS followed suit at around $66,000 to $114,400. The smallest salary is offered by Walgreen’s Pharmacy at around $61,000 to $98,000.

Average Certified Pharmacist Salary

A pharmacist’s salary will also depend on the kind of certification he has. As of January 2011, an RPh or a registered pharmacist will receive a salary of almost $82,000 to $114,000. If he is a BCPS or a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist, he will receive an annual salary from around $98,000 to $105,000. A BCOP or board certified oncology pharmacist receives $95,000 to $112,000 while a CPhT or certified pharmacy technician receives round $49,000 to $86,500.