All About Pharmacist Salary In Canada

Finding a decent job with a decent salary that can support a family may be a challenge nowadays. A family needs enough to support their everyday food, transportation expense, mortgage, car loan, education for the kids, insurance payment, medical needs and other expenses. A pharmacists’ job is known to offer a remarkable salary that can support a family and still be able to have a substantial amount of savings. Pharmacist salary in Canada are very high specially the ones for pharmacists who are assigned in provinces such as Manitoba, Quebec and Regina.

Average Pharmacist Salaries in Canada

Quebec is the province in Canada that offers the highest pharmacist salary of up to $72,000 per year. Manitoba is the province that offers average salary for pharmacists of up to $57,000 per year. The most popular province that offers pharmacy jobs is Ontario but the salary offered to interested individuals are just average. Remote areas and offer an even higher compensation and better benefits such as an insurance coverage or health care assistance for his dependents.

Pharmaceutical jobs may be done in different settings. Unlike what most people think, pharmacists aren’t just assigned in drugstores to sell over the counter medicines for colds or tooth ache. Pharmacists also check on the dosage and kind of medicines that customers are buying. They also check the dosage and the frequency of the drug intake. Pharmacy jobs have different settings and selling medicines at a local drug store is nothing but a myth. There are other settings such as community, malls, hospitals and even private sectors and both public and private companies.

The salaries of pharmacists technicians in Canada vary. Those assigned in a community setting receives a monthly salary of $11,000 while those in hospitals earn. Male pharmacists also get higher salaries than female pharmacists but their job responsibilities are also heavier as it includes stocking of medicine boxes and relocating, loading and unloading of medicine boxes and hospital needs such as bottles of alcohols, bandages, etc specially if the source of assistance is limited and such is more common in remote locations and community settings.

Job Requirements

To be able to land a pharmacist job and get a competitive salary, one must be a graduate of a pharmacist course from a highly regarded pharmacy school. Those with higher grades and academic awards have a higher chance of getting a higher compensation package. Some private companies in Canada may even offer great benefits on top of the basic salary such as trainings and enhancement programs that will help them get promotion in the future.

Another job that offers a competitive salary is the pharmacist technician whose job is to provide assistance to pharmacists and their job responsibilities are lighter than the pharmacists’ such as putting labels on medicine bottles, counting and re packing medicines for retail orders, packing bulk medicine orders, preparing medicines that require simple procedures such as weighing, measuring, pouring, counting and mixing medicines in different forms like tablets, capsules and syrup. The pharmacist technician has less work and responsibility than a licensed pharmacist hence the salary of a pharmacy technician is lower than the pharmacists’ and this is a common setting in most countries and state as it is just fair to offer a higher salary to the one who has more work. The requirements to be a pharmacist technician are also simpler as one does not need to have a pharmacy degree. Some companies even hire those who have graduated with a non medical course and have taken online pharmacist technician trainings.